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Thermometer Galaxy S4


Thermometer App is a very useful application that lets you know real temperature and the humidity in the air thanks to sensors that are included in your device, They are real data based on your location with your phone at any time.No data taken from internet , so make sure your device includes temperature sensor and humidity sensor that will function as a hygrometer, before use the application.Normally other applications thermometers showing temperature, they do based on external data, showing a rough measure and always outside. With this app you will know the temperature of a room or a house in particular, helping you identify the ideal temperature at which you feel most comfortable.
This type of sensors do not yet include many devices, the Samsung Galaxy S4 being one of the first, and now the Galaxy Note 3, which were developed for this application. Use only on devices with a real temperature sensor.
There is a bug that causes the widget to freeze, opening the camera or restart the phone, it is a JellyBean problem, while we solve, there are several possible solutions:Delete and re-add the widgetWaiting for the next refreshor changing the refresh rate in the settings screen to force the update.